Stop the MNGOC Gun Control Bill!

The liberals who run the fake gun group, Minnesota Gun Owners Caucus, are actively meeting with Democrats to do a deal on gun control in 2023!

As reported by WCCO and now CONFIRMED by Representatives in St Paul, Bryan Strawser and Rob Doar with the MNGOC are helping Democrats to pass a law that requires EVERY firearm to be locked in a government-approved safe with locks on all the triggers!

This compromise is no more than we expect from an organization that has shown time and time again that they’ll willing to sell out gun owners in order to be loved by politicians in St Paul.

To that we say “HELL NO!” We can win this fight against the DFL majorities, and we can STOP Red Flags and Universal Background Checks but NOT if these sell-outs compromise on gun control first!

Tell your reps there will be NO DAMN COMPROMISE on gun control and to IGNORE the Minnesota Gun Owners CuckUs who speak for nobody!

Once you’ve sent your petition, join MGR as a NO COMPROMISE member and help us defend our Second Amendment by going to!