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Biden Wants to Outlaw Firearms Training!

Calling it ‘paramilitary activity,’ the Biden Administration is pushing legislation that would make it a felony crime to train with AR-15s in organized groups!

The bill, S. 3589, is pure tyranny and would:

— Make it a crime to train with an AR-15 with three or more people!

— Make it a crime to go out of state to receive any form of firearms training!

— Restrict magazines that hold over 10 rounds of ammunition!

— Allow Merrick Garland to bankrupt gun owners in civil court!

The goal of this bill is clear: to make it a crime for the American people to keep and bear arms, ensuring that anyone who shoots in organized groups can be ruined in civil court.

We need to shut this bill down, hard!

Please sign your OFFICIAL PETITION against S. 3589 so your Congressman — and Senators Klobuchar and Smith — know that you expect them to kill this bill!

After you’ve signed your petition, please chip in $10, $17.76, or even $25 to help Minnesota Gun Rights sound the alarm about this legislation!