Stop Walz’ Massive Gun Control Push!

Governor Tim Walz and the DFL House and Senate majority announced a MASSIVE package of gun control proposals, and we need your help to stop them!

Walz said he wants Red Flag Gun Confiscations, Universal Background Checks (AKA Statewide Gun Registration), a BAN on all magazines over 10 rounds, forced firearms storage requirements and MORE this legislative session.

And with the DFL controlling the House AND Senate, Minnesota Gun Rights is mounting the largest defense of our Second Amendment that Minnesota has ever seen.

Part of that defense is making sure you and any gun owner you know sends this PRE-WRITTEN email to your House and Senate Reps telling them to VOTE NO on every single one of the gun control proposals listed above!

Tell your reps there will be NO COMPROMISE on gun control in the state of Minnesota! Do it now!

Once you’ve sent your email, please join MGR as a member and help us defend our Second Amendment by going to