We Can’t Take Our Feet Off Their Necks!

We’ve one month to go on the 2018 legislative session and the anti-gunners in St Paul are in a fever pitch to pass gun-control.So far nearly 40 gun-control bills have been introduced this legislative session by dozens of different anti-gun sponsors – some Democrat and some Republican.But it’s only because of your phone calls, emails, Action Center messages and constant activism that none of these bills have gotten any major legislative traction so far this year.By shelling and bombarding St Paul with your constant messages, you have put the Capitol on notice – “We will NOT let you turn our Minnesota into the next Florida, Ohio or Vermont!”I don’t know if you saw this, but only days ago Vermont obliterated their Second Amendment rights by passing major gun-control.Their NRA “A-rated” Governor Phil Scott signed into law Bloomberg’s Universal Background Checks, Red Flags Orders (gun confiscation without due process), a BAN on bump-fire stocks, a ban on any rifle magazine holding more than 10 rounds or pistol magazine holding more than 15 rounds, raised the age to purchase to 21 unless you jump through all kinds of bureaucratic hoops and more.This is the same state that STARTED Constitutional Carry (then called Vermont Carry) by never, since their inception, regulating the Second Amendment in any form!Now the mighty Vermont has fallen.And every single one of those anti-gun bills has been introduced right here in Minnesota and it’s what the gun-grabbers are coalescing around and pushing for – HARD!But we at Minnesota Gun Rights are hell bent on never letting Minnesota become the next “pro-gun” state to fall to the anti-gun Left!And the reason why none of the nearly 40 gun-control bills have passed or picked up major steam in St Paul is because of YOU.Your fantastic activism is keeping this anti-gun agenda at bay.That’s why in these waning days of the 2018 legislative session we cannot let up the pressure even a little bit or we will see major movement on gun-control bills in our state.We can’t take our foot off their necks for a minute!So please take a moment and click on the link to the MGR Action Center and send our PRE-WRITTEN Email, Facebook Message, Tweet and/or phone message to your state Rep and Senator telling them NO DEALS on Gun-Control, PERIOD!But when you’re finished, please also make a contribution to our efforts to stop these bills.Please consider a major contribution of $100 or even $250 or more.If that is just too much, please contribute whatever amount you can afford.We can scale up our pressure the more resources we have.We can get into more targeted districts if we have more resources.In other words, we can ensure that these politicians are feeling the MOST amount of pain politically possible from gun owners right when they’re faced with the decision to vote for or against these gun-control bills.So please be generous – and please act TODAY!— Ben Dorr, Political DirectorNot a member? Join MGR TODAY!


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