Rep Cal Bahr

HUGE Pro-Gun News for Gun Owners!

I have some HUGE pro-gun news for gun owners! Senator Paul Utke (R-SD2) just dropped the companion bill to Rep. Cal Bahr’s HF309, the Constitutional Carry bill! For years anti-gunners in the Minnesota Senate have been the warpath against our gun rights! First it was notorious anti-gun Senator Ron Latz pushing Michael Bloomberg’s Statewide Gun Registry, trying to track, trace and register every gun and gun owner. Then it was

Has Your Representative Co-Sponsored HF309?

I’ve got great news! Because of all your phone calls and emails for the last week, momentum for Constitutional Carry is really picking up! In just the last few days Representatives Newberger and Howe have signed on as co-sponsors to HF309, Rep Cal Bahr’s Constitutional Carry bill! This is FANTASTIC news as it’s proof that your calls are having just the affect intended. That makes Rep Drazkowski, Hertaus, McDonald, Lohmer,

Rep Cal Bahr: Time for Pro-Gun Agenda!

It’s GO TIME for gun owners in Minnesota! The 2017 session of the Minnesota legislature kicked off a few days ago and NOW is the time for passage of MAJOR pro-gun reforms. Watch the video below of MGR Executive Director Chris Dorr and Rep Cal Bahr revealing the big news for Constitutional Carry in Minnesota! When you’re done, please sign your petition in support of Constitutional Carry and share this