Gun Owner Survey: Where Do You Stand On These 2A Issues In Minnesota?

1) Do you agree that the Second Amendment guarantees your individual right to keep and bear arms and is not a collective right given to the government?
2) Should Minnesota pass an ‘Assault Weapons’ ban which would outlaw the AR15 and most commonly owned semi-automatic firearms?
3) Should Minnesota pass a ‘mental health law’ allowing virtually any doctor or medical “professional” to decide if you should or should not be able to exercise your Second Amendment rights?
4) Should the Minnesota legislature pass a law that limits the number of firearms Minnesotans are allowed to purchase each year?
5) Should Minnesota law allow for armed school resource officers or teachers who have been trained in firearm safety to carry concealed firearms to protect school children from violent attackers?
6) Should Minnesota pass a “safe storage” law that would require you to lock your firearms in government-approved storage containers, making it all but impossible for you to get to your firearm in an emergency?
7) Should the Minnesota legislature pass a law that prevents Minnesota law enforcement officers from being compelled to enforce federal gun control laws, executive orders, and agency rulings from an anti-gun President?
8) Will you support Minnesota Gun Rights’ mission to fight for gun rights in St. Paul WITHOUT compromising, without backing down, and without negotiating away our freedoms?
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