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Question 1

In 2023, Governor Walz signed a vicious gun-control bill that ended all private party firearms transfers in Minnesota unless they submit to a federal NCIC check, thereby adding themselves and the firearm to a federal list. As we’ve seen, this legislation does little to stop crime but creates statewide databases of gun owners – which can be used against gun owners later.

If elected, would you SUPPORT and VOTE YES to REPEAL Minnesota’s new “Universal Background Checks” law that outlaws private party sales and makes criminals out of Minnesota gun owners – and creates a database of gun owners at the same time?
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Question 2

“Extreme Risk Protection Orders” commonly referred to as ‘Red Flag Gun Confiscations,’ were passed in Minnesota in 2023 and allow a spurned ex, a former partner, a co-worker etc, to petition a court and make the claim, with no evidence or substantiation, that a person is a “danger to themselves or others”. Under “Red Flag Gun Confiscations” the court can, through ex parte hearings and with no due process of law, issue a “Red Flag” order, stripping a law-abiding gun owner, who has never even been arrested, indicted or convicted of a crime, of their firearms without so much as a day in court!

If elected, would you SUPPORT and VOTE YES to REPEAL Minnesota’s new ‘Red Flag Gun Confiscations’ law that denies law abiding Minnesota citizens their gun rights without due process through a court of law and without ever having been adjudicated as defective or convicted?
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Question 3

Various state legislatures have already passed legislation that would ban all gun rights from American citizens between the ages of 18-20. In addition, many lawmakers at the state and federal level are publicly calling for this legislation to be enacted at the state level nationwide! This, even though these are law abiding citizens that can serve in the military, pay taxes, get married, have careers and enjoy every other aspect of being a legal adult.

If elected, would you OPPOSE and VOTE NO on legislation that would leave American citizens between the ages of 18-20 defenseless and unable to buy a firearm for self-defense?
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Question 4

Anti-gun lawmakers, the media, and Bloomberg funded activists have been screaming for a complete ban of the AR-15 (and their standard 30-round magazine) and hundreds of related firearms all because of a variety of cosmetic features. Legislation has been introduced to ban these firearms in Washington, D.C., and lawmakers here in Minnesota have introduced similar legislation. This, despite the fact that all semi-automatic firearms function essentially the same way.

If elected, would you OPPOSE and VOTE NO on legislation banning the manufacture, sale or possession of semi-automatic firearms and/or large-capacity magazines, recognizing that these restrictions do nothing to stop crime but only serve to harass gun owners?
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Question 5

Gun control activists have long desired a mandatory waiting period before law abiding citizens would be able to exercise their 2nd Amendment freedoms and purchase a firearm for self-defense. This, despite the fact that the madmen in some of the worst mass shootings in America purchased their guns AFTER submitting to these waiting periods. Of course, these waiting periods do nothing to stop violent crime and have only resulted in many women being murdered by violent predators because they were unarmed and couldn’t defend themselves, because they hadn’t waited enough days to buy a gun.

If elected, would you OPPOSE and VOTE NO on any legislation that would place unconstitutional waiting periods limiting when a law-abiding citizen in Minnesota could purchase a firearm for self- defense?
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Question 6

The top priority for gun-grabbers in Minnesota in 2024 was Mandatory Firearms Storage laws, less known as “Safe Storage” laws, which would make it a CRIME to keep a gun anywhere but in a locked safe that the government approves of, leaving homeowners helpless in the face of violent intruders. This law is being pushed even though it has gotten people killed in places like Merced California where a man used a pitchfork to brutally murder two young children while their 14 year old sister was locked out of her Dad’s safe because of California’s “Mandatory Firearms Storage” law.

If elected, would you OPPOSE and VOTE NO on legislation to restrict law-abiding gun owners from exercising their rights as free Americans and firearms owners to use their own common sense to store their firearms in the manner they see fit?
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Question 7

Constitutional Carry recognizes that every law-abiding citizen has the right to carry a gun, openly or concealed, for any reason they want to, except to commit a crime. Thus, with no government bureaucracy or license, Minnesota citizens could defend themselves, and criminals who use firearms to commit crimes are severely punished. This is the law in Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, West Virginia and Wyoming. If passed in Minnesota, this law will allow thousands of people the right to carry a firearm for any lawful purpose with no additional paperwork or fees.

Would you support Constitutional Carry legislation, which would allow all law-abiding Minnesota citizens the right to carry a firearm, either concealed or openly, without having to first obtain government permission and be added to a list, as is done in several other states?
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Question 8

Stand-Your-Ground law, already on the books in 80% of states, simply removes the duty to retreat before an individual can defend themselves from a violent attacker in public places, the same way we don’t have to retreat when attacked in our homes, businesses, or vehicles. The bill provides an enactment clause, establishes a threatened use of force to allow for tactical retreat from a deadly situation, and states that you can’t be civilly sued or criminally charged if a burden of proof cannot be met.

Would you support Stand-Your-Ground legislation that allows Minnesota citizens to defend themselves, with force if necessary, from violent criminal attacks that occur in public places without having to retreat, as well as ensuring that they can’t be bankrupted by expensive or frivolous lawsuits?
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Question 9

Missouri passed the nation’s leading Second Amendment Preservation Act (SAPA) in 2021. This law asserts state sovereignty under the 10th Amendment and tells the federal government that while Missouri can’t stop them from passing gun control, Missouri wouldn’t allow their cops and other resources to be used to help them enforce it. And since the bulk of federal laws are enforced by state and local officers, this law means that the bulk of Biden’s gun control agenda will go unenforced in Missouri. And with strong civil penalties built into it, Missouri’s SAPA law gives individual gun owners the ability to hold departments that intentionally violate the law accountable.

If elected, would you SUPPORT and VOTE YES on Second Amendment Preservation Act legislation for Minnesota, which states that Minnesota cops may not be used by the federal government to enforce federal gun control laws or Executive Orders, and which contain civil penalties that allow gun owners to hold rogue departments who break the law accountable?
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Question 10

Almost every legislative candidate will say "I support the Second Amendment" but not all will stand firmly against new and invasive forms of gun control, especially when ‘compromises’ are offered.

If elected, would you OPPOSE and VOTE NO on all methods of gun control, including those that the media calls ‘reasonable?’ These could include bans on ‘ghost guns,’ laws that ban those with simple misdemeanor convictions from owning guns, new taxes on ammunition, civil liability insurance requirements for gun owners, and the use of pistol braces?
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