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Where Should We FIGHT in 2019?

On January 8th the 2019 session of the Minnesota State Legislature kicked off in St Paul and already, you and I are in the fight of our lives! I had been working for days leading up to the start of session, talking with insiders as we finalized our legislative goals and targets for the year, along with finalizing the budget we will need to be effective. But I have to

"With this pen, I will sign gun control into law!"

The fight for gun rights is raging across America and Minnesota right now. Just last night, over 1,000 anti-gun radicals swarmed the steps of the state capitol in St Paul for a rally to take your guns away. Every Bloomberg/Soros funded gun control group you can think of was in attendance along with a flood of anti-gun Senators, House Reps and of course, Governor Tim Walz! (A gun control mob at

Gun Control EMERGENCY!

Yesterday I had BAD news to share about “Red Flag Gun Seizure” laws being pushed in Congress by everyone from Nancy Pelosi to Lindsey Graham to President Trump. But today we have an absolute gun control emergency right here in Minnesota! That’s because yesterday, anti-gun Governor Tim Walz put out the call, demanding a SPECIAL SESSION next week for the sole purpose of passing his radical gun control agenda. This demand

Trump Calls for National ‘Red Flag’ Law – Take Action!

It was hard to watch. In case you missed it, at a press conference earlier this morning, President Trump announced his full support for ‘Red Flag Gun Seizure’ legislation in the wake of the Texas and Ohio shootings that took place last weekend. This is the very same legislation being pushed by the radical left and weak-kneed moderates in Washington D.C. and state legislatures all over the country — and

VICTORY in Conference Committee!

I have great news! Thanks to the pressure that you and tens of thousands of gun owners all across Minnesota poured on, yesterday afternoon the Conference Committee on SF802 FAILED to pass the bill with Red Flag Gun Seizures and Universal Gun Registration in it. The final vote was 5-5, a tie. In conference committee, which has 5 Senators and 5 Representatives, each body of 5 needs to individually vote


We have a major fight on our hands and I need your help. The Minnesota House Public Safety Committee is meeting Wednesday, Feb 27th from 7-11pm in room 120 of the capitol for the sole purpose of ramming Red Flag Gun Seizures (HF9) and Universal Gun Registration (HF8) through the committee and on to the House floor for a full vote. In short, Red Flag Gun Seizures would allow virtually anyone

Gun Control Hearing Schedule Change!

If you read our Thursday email, you know that the House Public Safety Committee is bringing forward HF8 and HF9, Bloomberg’s Universal Gun Registration and Red Flag Gun Confiscation bills for hearings next week! The committee had announced the hearings were to be held in the Valley View Middle School in Edina but have since changed the schedule and are not telling anyone WHAT TIME or WHERE the meetings are

Gun Control Hearings Announced! STAND and FIGHT!

URGENT GUN RIGHTS ALERT! Gun control hearings have been scheduled in the House Public Safety Committee for HF8 and HF9, Michael Bloomberg’s Universal Gun Registration and Red Flag Gun Seizure bills! To get the details and to see the breaking news, click the video below to watch it on Facebook Live! To watch the video on YouTube instead, GO HERE! A lot of things are happening very quickly so I’ll

Help STOP This Gun Control Landslide!

It’s even worse than I thought. As you know, Minnesota Gun Rights has been sounding the alarm since election night last year, warning gun owners that our gun rights would face the biggest threat in Minnesota history during the 2019 legislature. That threat just became reality here in St. Paul as Senator Ron Latz just filed Senate File 436 — ‘Red Flag Gun Seizure’ legislation -– in the Minnesota Senate!

Congress to Take Up National Gun Registry Legislation Wednesday!

As we work around the clock to STOP Red Flag Gun Seizures and the Statewide Gun Registry here in Minnesota, we are also paying close attention to the war against gun owners going on in Washington, D.C. That’s why I’m writing you today, as it appears likely that Congress will be holding hearings THIS WEDNESDAY on H.R. 8! H.R. 8 is being sold to gun owners as an innocent ‘Universal

2019 Gun Rights Rally Recap!

If you didn’t make it to the rally for our gun rights today at the State Capitol, you missed out! It was a great chance to get together and send a loud and clear message to the politicians in St Paul that we aren’t willing to compromise even one millimeter when it comes to our Second Amendment rights! Attendees got to take their pictures with firearms and flags, and hear