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Don't Give An Inch!

It’s been over a week since a madman launched a deadly attack in Las Vegas that killed and wounded hundreds of people. The pictures and videos that have emerged from that night are difficult to watch and even more difficult to understand –- and compounded by the fact that we may never know the motive behind this attack. Here’s what we know is true: every time a shooting like this

Anti-Gun Wolves in Sheep's Clothing in St Paul!

I have some very troubling news to share with you so please read this email in its entirety and take action to defend the Second Amendment in Minnesota. As you know, we spent the entirety of the 2017 session working to get Stand-Your-Ground law and Constitutional Carry moving through the legislature. Thanks to all of your efforts, we made significant progress in the House, passing the Public Safety committee and

The noise you heard on Monday

That noise you heard was anti-gun Minnesota legislators Ron Latz, Erin Murphy and Paul Thissen DEMANDING new gun control for Minnesota. Latz: “I will continue to push for gun safety reforms at the State Capitol.” Murphy: “They pour millions into fear-based campaigns to push back on common-sense gun violence prevention efforts. They do not represent most Americans. We need to stand together, to push back on their agenda. The only

Bloomberg's Gun-Control Group Attacks, Blames MGR For Bloomington Mosque Attack!

I could hardly believe the words I was hearing when I first received the news. Shortly after the early-morning bombing of a Mosque in Bloomington, “Protect Minnesota” launched a full frontal assault, blaming Minnesota Gun Rights for somehow having “advance knowledge” of the attack! To gun-grabbers and their pals, Second Amendment supporters are nothing more than hate-filled troglodytes who are just itching for the opportunity to kill and destroy. In

Coming to the Shooter's Roundup this Weekend?

What are you doing this weekend? With summer drawing to a close and fall rapidly approaching, I can’t think of a better way to ring out the summer than coming to this weekend’s annual Ahlman’s Shooters Roundup in Morristown, MN! If you’ve never been to Ahlman’s Roundup, you won’t believe how much fun it is. You can peruse through the gun manufacturers’ booths and look at their new demo guns

Help Stop The "Disarm Minnesota Act"

One vote in the Minnesota Senate could be all that stands between you and I and a new disastrous gun control scheme. Just one. With a stronger majority of supposed pro-gun legislators in the House, you might think your Second Amendment freedoms would be safe. But after the House refused to move any pro-gun legislation this year — and anti-gun Governor Mark Dayton ITCHING to sign a gun-control bill during

Save The Date For Ahlmans Shooter's Roundup!

The kids and grandkids are heading back to school, hunting season is just around the corner and that means it’s almost time for the annual Ahlmans Shooter’s Roundup in Morristown, MN! If you’ve never been to Ahlmans Roundup, you won’t believe how much fun it is! Click on the video below to get a taste! You can peruse through the gun manufacturers’ booths and look at their new demo guns

Time Is Running Out!

“Do you believe criminals cower in fear at the first sight of a “Gun Free Zone” sticker? Do you believe if we just handed all of our freedoms over to nanny-staters like BILLIONAIRE anti-gun activist Michael Bloomberg we’d all be better off? Or do you believe our Second Amendment rights are precious and worth fighting for? As we are ramping up for our massive hard-hitting legislative program next year, I

Have You Received Your FREE Minnesota Gun Rights T-shirt Yet?

“I NEED one of those shirts, my friend just got one in the mail yesterday and I simply NEED one for an upcoming family event!” So said MGR’s newest member when he called our office yesterday looking to pick up his FREE Minnesota Gun Rights T-Shirt and decal. In case you forgot, in celebration of Independence Day and our freedoms as American citizens, for the entire month of July ALL

Why we ask for contributions

I couldn’t feel more sick for them. Last week, news broke on websites like that the Oregon legislature passed a nasty gun-confiscation bill. Funded by Bloomberg and pushed by Gabby Gifford’s gun-control organizations, the law enables gun confiscation by declaration rather than adjudication. Specifically, it destroys a gun owner’s right to due process in the court of law by creating “extreme risk protection orders.” What this does is enables