Gun Control Vote TODAY — Take Action!

Today at 10:00AM the House will take will try to cram through back-door gun control legislation.

If you haven’t already done so, please read the email below and then take action to STOP this privacy destroying legislation from passing.

If Amendment A18 to SF 3019 passes, health care providers would no longer be required to get patient consent before sharing your most personal data with government agencies and data collectors.

This includes health records, socio-demographic records, firearms ownership and virtually anything else you’ve ever told your doctor would be tradable among these government agencies.

This is the very crux of the anti-gunners schemes to circumvent current legislation to then track, trace and register every gun and gun owner in Minnesota.

For all the details, please read below and when you’re done, contact your Representative right away and tell them to vote HECK NO on the A18 amendment to SF 3019 on the House floor today.

To find out who represents you, click here or on the image below!

When you’re done, please consider a contribution of whatever you can afford to help us keep the calls and emails pouring in until session ends.

Whatever you do, contact your Representative right away to make sure they vote NO on the A18 Amendment to SF 3019!

— Ben

Dear Site,

We’re only 6 days away from the end of the 2018 legislative session and I need your help.

Please read this message all the way to the end and then TAKE ACTION to make sure no gun-control slips through in the last hours of the session.

All year long anti-gun radicals like Ron Latz and Scott Jensen have been attacking our gun rights in a full frontal assault.

From Universal Gun Registration to Red Flags Orders and full blown bans on all semi-automatic firearms, they want it all!

But so far, YOU and thousands of other gun owners have stopped this full blown attack.

Because their head-on assault hasn’t worked, they’re changing tactics and going with backdoor gun-control instead!

Here’s what’s going on.

Under current Minnesota law, all health care providers are required to obtain “patient consent” before sharing any medical records or private health care data with anybody.

As a result, you have the ability to say yes or no when hospitals want to share your data.

But under Federal HIPAA laws, most health care providers are NOT required to ask your consent before sharing your most intimate data among government agencies and so-called “Public Health Researchers”.

Amendment A18 to SF 3019, being hammered through by Representative Nick Zerwas (R-Elk River) and Joe Schomacker, would totally remove the data protections in current Minnesota law, forcing Minnesota to adopt the HIPAA standard, leaving your medical and personal records wide open for government agencies to collect personal data on you.

This includes health records, socio-demographic records, firearms ownership and virtually anything else you’ve ever told your doctor would be tradable among these government agencies.

Data gathering on gun owners in order to create a massive database has long been a goal of the anti-gun left.

After all, Representative Erin Murphy introduced HF 2891, a bill that instructs the Department of Health to do “studies” and data gathering on law-abiding gun owners in Minnesota.

And with the medical associations pushing more and more to force doctors to ask questions about firearms in the home, Zerwas and Schomacker’s bill is a dangerous threat that needs to be STOPPED!

If Rep Zerwas and Schomacker’s A18 amendment to SF 3019 were to become law, the anti-gunners dreams of WIDE OPEN gun owner data would come true as doctors would no longer need your consent before sharing your most private data.

Minnesota Gun Rights is utterly opposed to ANY legislation that infringes on the rights of law abiding gun owners to buy, own and carry firearms without government knowledge or interference.

This bill or an accompanying amendment is expected to be heard on the House floor on Thursday, so we need to act fast!

Please clink on the link or the image below to find out who your representative is and be sure to contact them immediately and tell them you are completely opposed to Amendment A18 to SF 3019 or ANY amendment that would open up your private data to be rifled through by government agencies.

Tell them that you expect a NO vote on the House floor on Thursday — no exceptions!

When you’re done, please consider a generous donation to help Minnesota Gun Rights rally the grassroots to stop this dangerous, anti-gun scheme from becoming law in Minnesota.

The anti-gun radicals in St Paul will stop at nothing to pass Bloomberg’s agenda, to not only destroy the Second Amendment in Minnesota, but also strip us of our own right to privacy and allowing government agencies to sift through our gun and medical records.

We’ve got to keep the heat up in St Paul and to do that, we need to bring even more gun owners on board our grassroots army!

So whether you can do $5 or $500, please do whatever you can to help us keep up this fight.

But whatever you do, please contact your Representative as that’s most important!

For Freedom,

Ben Dorr
Political Director
Minnesota Gun Rights


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