Stop The War on Gun Owners!

Gun-grabbers in the Minnesota legislature, like Senator Ron Latz, Representative Dave Pinto and many others have declared open war on the Second Amendment, and have introduced a flurry of gun control bills to destroy our Second Amendment.

The first, S.F. 1431 and H.F. 1654, is Red Flag Gun Seizure legislation which would allow virtually anybody to ‘claim’ you’re dangerous and have your firearms seized with ZERO due process of law!

The Second is S.F. 894 and H.F. 694, Statewide GUN REGISTRATION which would make it a felony offense simply for giving a firearm to your spouse or best friend or even to your grandson as a family heirloom. 

These people hate the Second Amendment, hate the fact that we have this tangible sign of freedom, and they are determined to crush us!

Please take a moment to sign your official petition demanding that your politician oppose this WAR on Gun Owners!

And when you’re done, please become a member of Minnesota Gun Rights, the biggest and nastiest political fighting force in Minnesota!