Tell Minnesota Lawmakers to Leave Our Self-Defense Magazines Alone!

Gun-grabbers in the Minnesota legislature, like Senator Ron Latz, Rep. Dave Pinto and many others want to obliterate our right to keep and bear arms, and one of their top agenda items is to ban and confiscate any magazine that holds over ten rounds of ammunition. 

They want to make YOU a FELON for owning these magazines! 

Nevermind the fact that criminals won’t be impacted by this law!

Nevermind the fact that virutally every modern handgun, and all AR15’s, come standard with magazines that hold more than ten round of ammunition.

Nevermind the fact that a mob of twenty thugs attacked a man outside Target Center recently, highlighting the need for more than ten rounds of ammunition!

These people hate the Second Amendment, hate the fact that we have this tangible sign of freedom, and they are determined to crush us!

Please take a moment to sign your petition demanding that your lawmakers oppose any legislation that would make you into a criminal for possessing magazines that hold over 10 rounds!