Don’t Give An Inch! Save Capitol Carry!

Bloomberg-funded activists smell blood in the water and are doing everything possible to capitolize on this recent push by radical Communists to defund, dismantle and destroy our Second Amendment and our country.

Just recenty, the DNC-controlled media and politicians in St Paul are calling for a total repeal of Minnesota’s Capitol Carry law, hoping to make it illegal for Minnesotans to exercise their freedom of speech AND Second Amendment rights while rallying at the People’s House!

Since Republicans caved on this issue at the state capitol building in Lansing Michigan, Lefties hope to accomplish the same here in Minnesota.

And make no mistake about it, politics often works in the “snowball effect”, meaning that if they’re successful in this small attack on our gun rights, they’ll roll right into their REAL agenda of passing Red Flag Gun Seizures and Universal Gun Registration for Minnesota!


Sign your petition right away telling your poiticians in St Paul to OPPOSE the repeal of Capitol Carry and FIGHT for the rights of law-abiding Minnesotans!

When you’re done, please stand and fight with MGR in 2021 by joining us as a member at!