Tell the Politicians in St Paul to Pass SAPA Legislation!

Joe Biden’s administration is waging a total war on our Second Amendment freedoms and we need to fight back smart and fight back HARD!

Michael Bloomberg spent $100,000,000 to elect Biden and to ensure that Nancy Pelosi retained control of the U.S. House of Representatives and Chuck Schumer seized Congress, and ynow he is looking for payback.

He is gunning for a national gun registry, gun confiscations, mental health tests for gun owners, new gun and ammo taxes, everything is on the table in 2021.

But here in Minnesota, we can safeguard the freedoms we already have and NULLIFY federal gun control edicts from Washington D.C. by passing the Second Amendment Preservation Act.

SAPA legislation is a simple concept with massive ramifications: it nullifies federal gun control laws by requiring Minnesota peace officers to only enforce state laws regarding firearms, ammo, and accessories — and only if state law complies with the Second Amendment.

So sign the OFFICIAL petition for this legislation today so your State Representative and State Senator know that you are 100% in support of this legislation to stop Joe Biden and his gang of gun-grabbing radicals from imposing their gun-control agenda on OUR gun rights!

And when you are done, please make a generous donation to help MGR fight like hell for you and mobilize gun owners all across the state to this fight!