Pass Constitutional Carry Law Now!

Constitutional Carry is already law in twenty four states — nearly half of the country — and is on the move in more states all over the country!

And now this bill (H.F. 3033) has been filed by Representative Erik Mortensen.

Pioliticians have been blocking this legislation in Minnesota for years. And now that we’re picking up this beautiful momentum for freedom, Bloomberg is trying to stop us. The media is trying to stop us. The RINOs are trying to stop us!

But these lawmakers work for you, and with the elections already coming this Fall, now is the time to remind the politicians in St. Paul of who they work for!

Sign your OFFICIAL PETITION In support of Constitutional Carry legislation right away, so the politicians in St. Paul know that they BETTER DELIVER FOR US! 

When you’re done, get in this fight by clicking here or going to!