Sign Your Petition Telling Minnesota Lawmakers to Pass Constitutional Carry or Pay the Price!

With Constitutional Carry surging nationwide — passing in THREE states in 2019 alone — it’s time Minnesota lawmakers stop blocking this legislation! In total, sixteen states have this law on the books, over a third of the country!

But while the bill has been introduced for years in a row, and has the support of grassroots gun owners, the leadership team of the Minnesota House AND Senate are blocking the bill from receiving a floor vote.

Constitutional Carry simply allows law abiding Minnesotans the right to carry a firearm for self-defense, without being required to obtain permission from the government or add their name into a central database.

Now it’s time for Minnesota lawmakers do their job and make Minnesota a Constitutional Carry state! These politicians all campaign as being 100% pro-gun at election time, when they need the support of gun owners, only to do nothing once safely in office. Enough is enough! 

Please sign your petition in support of Constitutional Carry TODAY, so your lawmakers know that you expect them to pass this bill in 2020 or face the consequences at the ballot box!